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Repatriate Our Patriots Proposal

Repatriate Our Patriots Proposal

Website Redesign, Expansion, & Optimization

MADmen Marketing of AZMO Capital LLC will be redesigning and expanding the existing website This includes, but is not limited to, setting up a development server, installing a premium theme, migrating data, generating new assets (images and copy), and providing both guidance and digital labor over two distinct phases.

Phase One (a): Collection of Assets

Phase one consists of site design, development, and aesthetics for the desktop representation of the website. During phase one, we will be acquiring existing assets such as logos, photos, media, & copy from Danitza and/or other designated team members.

Phase One (b): Design

Once assets have been collected and/or generated, the design and development process starts. During this part of phase one, I ensure all data that is still valid is migrated over appropriately, and then begin reworking the presentation. As discussed between myself and Dantiza, a lot of present site content is actually links to other sites or resources, so we can ensure your site is retaining visitors with relevant information before sending them away from the site by creating splash/landing pages for these resources. --The longer people spend on your site and/or your site's pages, the better you rank in search engines over the long-term.

Phase One (c): Review Period

After the initial build is finished for desktop representation, Danitza or an otherwise appointed reviewer(s) will review the site design for presentation, accuracy, and general "feel." During this period, we correct any changes during a revision period attached to this phase, before moving onto phase two.

Phase Two (a): Mobile Design

Phase two begins by translating the site to be completely responsive on mobile. Many site designs have flawless representation in mobile as it is, but this period is to fix any of those issues so mobile presentation matches desktop for branding and UI consistency.

Phase Two (b): Troubleshooting

During this phase, we ensure all API connections, plugins, data migration, feeds, etc are programmed correctly and are working with correct algorithmic triggers. This includes mailing lists, newsletters, contact form submissions, testing the site's store and donation subscriptions, among others.

Printful: Online Store Items

I recommend switching to Printful regarding apparel, promotional items, and any other store sales for revenue generation purposes over the existing vendor. Printful has significantly more options for products, and they can be 100% dropshipped--this means no warehousing, storing, or stocking costs. All orders placed by patrons are processed from the website and sent to Printful for the rest, and you'll immediately rake the profit from the sale for no up-front costs outside of the website itself for a store front. If you wish to expand your avenues for revenue, all products you create can be sold on an eBay, Etsy, or other online marketplace to expand reach and income. I have an affiliate link for this service, which provides you additional benefits.

Blog Page: Many Options

As your site design comes with a standard blog, we will be using it as an information center for news, events, information, documents, testimonials, and user-submitted (veterans) content. YouTube video content can be embedded into posts so your site's resources are not overloading your server, regardless of traffic levels.

Store Page: Donation Packages & Products

Donation packages will be available and placed appropriately around the website in calls to action, but the main focus of the store itself will be to sell products in order to generate revenue for the organization.

Additional Services

Upon completion of Phase Two of the project, we can discuss options for additional services needed, if necessary, such as social media management, SEO management, Paid Search Ads, email marketing, and more, that may benefit your organization and its goals for growth.

Associated Costs

In addition to time/labor involved in this project, there are also some license and resource costs associated. Sticking to a single revision period, it keeps time and cost investment for both parties to a minimum, and thus unless the original scope of work is altered by the organization, there will be no additional costs accrued than those outlined in this proposal.

Labor Hours
WordPress Theme Installation & License
Secure Development Domain
Monthly Webserver Rental (Recurs Monthly)

Total: $1364.97

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